Looking after your pet

Preparing your home for a new arrival
Moving to a new home may be stressful to your pet. So be patient and understanding and provide lots of affection. Here are some pointers to help you settle in safely and sanely.
Make your new home safe for all pets by being mindful of hazards that could:

  • poison – such as cleansers, insect sprays and pesticides, medications, chocolate, certain plants, and antifreeze (ethylene glycol)
  • burn – such as plugged-in appliances, boiling liquids, open flames
  • electrocute – such as worn lamp cords, or any other cords.
  • strangle, choke, or obstruct breathing – such as small balls, sewing thread and needles, pantyhose, and bones
  • topple or crush – such as precariously placed appliances, top-heavy filing cabinets, and lamps
  • allow escape or theft – such as loose screens and inadequate fences. Never leave your pet unattended on a balcony or chained in a yard.